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Meet Chat & Connect's Coordinator Irene Chong

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Irene is one of our amazing volunteers at Ellenbrook Mile. Irene is a recent arrival in Western Australia, arriving approximately five years ago.

Irene and her family moved to Ellenbrook in June 2018 and she has been busy connecting with her local community and making a difference ever since. We met Irene last year when the Ellenbrook Mile started sharing community information at the Workshop Space in Ellenbrook Central shopping centre. Irene joined our group assisting as a volunteer at the workshop space and joining us on our weekly walks.

It was at the Workshop space that the Ellenbrook Mile became aware that some of our community members were feeling a little isolated and were looking for opportunities to connect with like minded individuals.

As we were walking, talking and sharing of what could be possible to assist our community in some way, Irene shared that before she came to WA from Malaysia, she ran a ‘Chat and Connect’ program. This program was to develop real connection between people and nurturing community spirit.

Irene asked if it was possible for her to do something similar in Ellenbrook. After discussion with our committee, Ellenbrook Shopping Centre, City of Swan and Jessica Shaw, we decided to give the ‘Chat and Connect’ a go.

Irene began in August on Tuesday afternoon from 2-5pm teaching the participants how to play Mahjong and other interactive games. This quickly expanded to Friday evening from 6-9 pm. The ‘Chat and Connect’ is an opportunity for strangers to come together and develop new friendships through fun games.

Irene is a very gifted lady. She has a warmth and sense of welcome that encourages people to join and have a go. Irene’s skill as a teacher and facilitator makes her the perfect person for ‘Chat and Connect.’

Our community is so blessed to have Irene as she has a lot of experience working within the mental health sector and is passionate about finding ways to promote mental wellbeing.

Irene has many diverse talents and is a ‘can do’ person. If someone needs help or advice Irene will be looking for ways to assist.

Thank you Irene you are an incredible gift to our community.

If you want to get to know Irene, come down to “Chat and Connect” at Ellenbrook Central every Tuesday 2 - 5pm and Friday 6 - 9pm or join our walk at Arbor Grove on Wednesday at 8.30am.

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