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Matt's story

Everyone meet Matt. 🙋‍♂️ This awesome dad of 2 has a big love for our community here in Ellenbrook and has definitely taught me that everything in life happens for a reason.

Matt was born and raised in Perth. Even though he was oldest of 4 boys, he laughed and said that he is also the smallest. He grew up in Quinns Rocks right next to the beach and his happiest memories are of him bike riding which has now turned into a real passion of his.

Matt first job when he was just 10 years old offering lawn mowing services to his neighbours so you can say that the community spirit in him sparked pretty early on.

When he was 14 his family moved to a farm in Nyabing (330km south east of Perth) for 18 months then back to Perth. He did apprenticeship in auto-electrics and spent 4.5yrs in the mining industry. Little did he know that his journey was perfectly planned to meet and reconnect with his future wife who is now mother to his 2 beautiful children 8 year old Lillian and 4 year old Jack. They first met at school when Matt was in school while living in Nyabing and then reconnected 11 years later while working fifo. What are the odds!✨

In 2009 when they were looking for a house together Ellenbrook was the perfect suburb. "The thing that attracted us here was the sense of community and the feeling of country in this suburb. Also very good value for your money" he said.

But this was not the first time he was thinking of living here. Matts First experience of Ellenbrook was in 1996 when the suburb had just opened. His BMX club was invited into Woodlake for a BMX come & try day and Matt always remembered the suburb after that. Then in 2005 while doing his apprenticeship he was considering buying a house here but apprentice wages weren’t all that good so he could not get a loan.

2011 was time for a career change this was when Matt moved into a real estate. He had interest in real estate some time before he made the jump, what made him bite the bullet was a promise to himself that he would never work fifo when he had kids. So as soon as his wife said she is pregnant he did his real estate licence and he has not looked back.

He is loving his job. The way Matt has made his job into a lifestyle is very inspiring. He is always trying to squeeze in a bike ride, enjoys spending time with his family and is sponsoring local football clubs, cricket club, Ellen Stirling Primary school and Malvern Springs Primary school. He feels very blessed and lucky to be in a position where he is able to put back into the community and do some volunteer work.

"It is all about being a part of the community " he says.

When Matt first heard about Ellenbrook Mile he loved our ideas as they would align with a lot of his values about the community and bringing people together.

"Bringing the community together. If you can achieve that you can build new friendships and people are able to engage with each other to make the community stronger then that's an awesome goal."

When I asked what is your dream for Ellenbrook he mentioned that Ellenbrook is still fairly young suburb in aspect of the City (only 23 years old) and we have everything coming. If you look at the master plan everything will get here in time.

We really appreciate you Matt and thank you for being an awesome person. ☀️😎

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