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Jennifer's story

Wow, We have amazing people in Ellenbrook

Introducing Jennifer I met Jennifer when I was picking up balloons for the Wellness Walk. Jennifer is one of those amazing people that is relatively unknown in our Community but is a shining star, who is really committed to make a difference in our world. Jennifer is a Mother of two beautiful children, who has lived in Ellenbrook for the past 10 years. Jennifer was working in Woolworths when she noticed just how much plastic was being used in and around the purchase of fresh produce. Jennifer said, this really disturbed her, but unlike most of us, Jennifer thought, what can I do, how can I change this?

The idea of ‘One Planet Bags’ was born.

This was a huge challenge for Jennifer. She had to research everything to do with the creation of her re-usable produce bags. They had to be affordable to be available for everyone. Even the packaging, something we rarely give a thought to, when we purchase a product took hours of research, and that too is now environmentally friendly.

Jennifer designed her own Facebook, Instagram and has a web page. Jennifer took a bold step forward and approached local supermarkets to carry her product.

The last 18 months have been a labor of love, but fitting in a new business, work, and a family, has had its challenging moments. Every bag is handled by Jennifer or her family. Quality control is essential. Jennifer has sold approximately 25,000 bags. The bags are sold in packs of five and retail for $15. The Independent Growers Association (IGA) have been very supportive of the product and many IGA stores in Perth stock One Planet Bags near their fruit and vegetables. Jennifer has found IGA very community minded and committed to the environment.

The use of the bags is only limited to our imagination. They are fabulous for our fruit and vege shopping, but also of value in the bakery section for rolls etc. The bags can be used to tidy up those small toys like jigsaws or lego. You can take them on holidays and store you socks or washing. Jennifer said her bags have been purchased by people from overseas who are really impressed by the product. It has been an amazing journey.

I asked Jennifer, where to now? Jennifer sees her moving her products into country WA and then will see what life brings. And what does Jennifer love about Ellenbrook. Jennifer loves the accessibility to the Swan Valley entertainment. So Ellenbrook say hello to Jennifer. She is incredible, innovative, creative and passionate.

Jennifer is “Saving our planet, one bag at a time.” Thank you Jennifer.

You can find more information on Facebook One Planet Bags or visit Jennifer's web page

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