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Helen's Story

Everyone say hello to Helen! This amazing mom of 2 has so much to give and such a big drive to help people. Right now she is a full time mom, a full time Mental Health Recovery Worker and a full time student, studying Diploma of Community Service. As if that is not enough, Helen is following her heart and passion and starting up Malaika Mental Health Services . Which will bring service to African community in a way they need and in the language they understand. Her first Mental Health awareness workshop for African Women was a success and is definitely continuing in the future.

Helen Achan Malith was born in 1987 in South Sudan in a state called Yirol. She was the second twin. Her middle name Achan actually means "the last twin". Unfortunately her twin sister passed away when she was a child leaving her to be the oldest out of 3 siblings.

Growing up her happiest memories involved dancing and music. "Music is my happy place" she said. When Helen was 10 years old her family moved to New Zealand from Kenya refugees camp. In 2005 when Helen was 18 she visited Australia with her mum for the first time and her first impression of Australia was that there were so many African people here that she can relate to. The second one was the "dry heat and bugs" she laughed.

While still attending high school Helen got a scholarship to study Nursing which she accepted. It didn't take her a long time to realize that Nursing wasn't for her. A lot of things had happened in Helens life that pushed her towards her real passion in Mental health. Growing up she has had to witness a lot of fights between tribes and also being in the middle of them as a school child was very scary for her, loosing her uncle and auntie to suicide and also witnessing one but the saddest moment of her life she said was when she was told that she almost definitely will not be having kids. Now proud mum of 2 she knows that mental health is something we all have to work on and Helen has decided to dedicate her life to help us do it.

The first time we met Helen was our very first Ellenbrook Mile meeting. She had no idea where she was coming out to when she accepted the invitation from her friend but as the evening went on she knew she was at the right place. Helen loved the idea of Ellenbrook Mile and can't wait to work together towards a happier and healthier Ellenbrook. Thank you Helen we appriciate you! ☀️

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