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We Walk Together

The Ellenbrook Mile Vision
Striving to connect, include, and inspire the whole community of Ellenbrook and Surrounding areas, on a journey of physical and mental wellbeing.
Celebrating our community with an annual destination event, commencing October 2020.
 The Ellenbrook Mile is owned by the community, so that all members of the community can be involved regardless of age or ability. 
To inspire and empower our community to choose a journey of physical and mental well being.

Commitment to community by striving to achieve our vision.
Commitment to educate the community on mental and physical well being and connect resources and services to assist this.
Open-mindedness - inclusive and respectful of all members within our diverse and multicultural and multi-belief community.
Honesty – to always honestly facilitate our goals of achieving physical and mental well being within the Ellenbrook Mile team and wider community.

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